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Lightstone, Miranda

The Truth About Cars

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From as far back as she can remember, Miranda used to tell her Mum she wanted a little red sports car when she grew up. Forget a white, poofy wedding dress (which she really didn't have, by the way) or a mansion on the hills by the ocean; she just wanted a fast, little, brightly coloured car. Clearly her priorities were already in order. Since 2006, Miranda has been active on the automotive scene, test driving cars and writing for outlets such as the Montreal Gazette, AskMen.com, Automoblog.net, MSN Autos, The Suburban and her own personal blog, DrivingMsMiranda.wordpress.com, as well as video car reviews for WatchMojo.com, and most recently as an in-house editor and journalist for 5 years for Auto123.com providing both written and video reviews. Cars drive Miranda; they are her passion, her inspiration. From the sound of a deep, guttural exhaust to the high-pitched whine of a supercharger and the fluttering tweets of a turbo -- really, there's nothing better. Miranda is a Technical Reseacher for FASTCO, a Canadian wheel, tire and accessory company located in Quebec.

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