The 2017 Canadian Car of the Year Awards "TestFest" will take place from Monday, Oct. 24th to Friday, Oct. 28th in Bowmanville, Ontario at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

The evaluation process for the Canadian Car of the Year Awards (CCOTY) is based on "real-world" back-to-back testing of all entries. Scoring, data collection, analysis and weighting of vehicle scores lie at the core of the CCOTY testing process, which focuses on providing data to consumers.

The rigorous testing program includes driving on public roads – exactly where consumers drive. This ensures all results are relevant to potential car and truck buyers. An exhaustive testing program, with input from Canada’s top automotive journalists, lies at the core of the CCOTY program.

Every member of a test team compares each vehicle in its class, back-to-back, on the same roads, under the same conditions to ensure objective evaluation.

Team members use a detailed rating form, comprising 21 separate evaluation parameters that include acceleration, braking, vehicle dynamics, maneuverability, even off-road capability, where applicable. Each parameter is rated using a prescribed 0 – 10 rating scale.

Every detail, from safety features to cargo capacity, is thoroughly scrutinized, discussed, and individually rated by secret ballot.

Those ballots are then tabulated by the international accounting firm KPMG. The results are kept confidential -- even from AJAC -- until the awards press conferences wherein the category and overall winners are announced.

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This year is the inaugural AJAC Automotive Executives Forum, where five of Canada's most vibrant executives share their opinions on the future of the automobile. The hour long Q & A session is also available for viewing.