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Formerly a technical writer, William has always aspired of one day becoming an automotive journalist. Fed up of occupying jobs that no longer stimulated him, he opened up a blog and started writing about his passion: cars. Over time, his blog, Clavey’s Corner, grew and became recognized across the country by important people in the industry. Over a period of two years, William Clavey has driven over 100 different cars.

He then started writing for Jalopnik, a controversial American car website, where he became known internationally for his humoristic and censor-free writing style. William currently works full time at Le Guide de l'auto / The Car Guide. He still collaborates to Jalopnik, as well as Le Journal de Montréal. He writes in both English and French.

Recent Articles:

  1. 2019 Lincoln Continental Is A Lot Of Luxury For The Price

    William Clavey

    The 2019 Lincoln Continental may not have the refinement of expensive German sedans, but it's nowhere near as expensive. William Clavey took one for a ride.

  2. 2019 Porsche Cayenne S Is So Perfect It Makes Me Sick

    William Clavey

    2019 Porsche Cayenne S is a luxury SUV that does everything perfectly well. Read what William Clavey has to say about this super well-engineered vehicle.

  3. 2019 GMC Canyon Elevation First Drive Review: Is this Enough to Matter? - Motor Illustrated

    William Clavey

    Here's our first drive review on the 2019 GMC Canyon Elevation. For 2019, the Canyon gets an all-new Elevation Package.

  4. 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation First Drive Review: Yes, it’s a Four-Cylinder - Motor Illustrated

    William Clavey

    We had the chance to drive the new 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation this week with the 2.7L Turbo engine. Here's our review on it.

  5. Porsche Cayenne S 2019 : pas encore assez

    William Clavey

    Lors de notre essai du Porsche Cayenne 2019 , nous avions été épatés par sa rigidité structurelle et la livrée de couple de son moteur V6 turbo. Toutefois, nous avions été déçus par sa personnalité diluée et par le fait fait que rien ne vient de série. Bref, nous en …

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