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Formerly a technical writer, William has always aspired of one day becoming an automotive journalist. Fed up of occupying jobs that no longer stimulated him, he opened up a blog and started writing about his passion: cars. Over time, his blog, Clavey’s Corner, grew and became recognized across the country by important people in the industry. Over a period of two years, William Clavey has driven over 100 different cars.

He then started writing for Jalopnik, a controversial American car website, where he became known internationally for his humoristic and censor-free writing style. William currently works full time at Le Guide de l'auto / The Car Guide. He still collaborates to Jalopnik, as well as Le Journal de Montréal. He writes in both English and French.

Recent Articles:

  1. Nissan LEAF NISMO RC : le futur de l’automobile sera tout sauf ennuyant

    William Clavey

    Quelques jours après la grande marche pour le climat, le circuit du Mont-Tremblant tenait son événement annuel intitulé La Classique d’autonome, un incontournable pour les amateurs de performance. Un événement qui est tout sauf protecteur pour l’environnement... Cela dit, même Tremblant a fait des efforts au chapitre des émissions de …

  2. Acura NSX Lives Up To Its Predecessor But In A Different Way

    William Clavey

    William Clavey finally had a go in the second-generation Acura NSX. He can finally compare it to his brother's 1994 NSX and see if it lives up to its past.

  3. Is the new Acura NSX Worth Your Hard-Earned Money? –

    William Clavey

    If you’re in the market for a totally unique, exclusive, fast and bonkers-fun supercar that’ll probably gain tremendous resale value, then yes, the Acura NSX is an absolute marvel of an automobile.

  4. The 1996 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Is As Sharp As Any Modern Sports Car

    William Clavey

    Sport compact cars have come a long way since the days when they were warmed-over econoboxes. We’re now spoiled with fire-breathing, 300-plus horsepower compacts that’ll rip a new one to genuine high-performance machines, cars like the current Honda Civic Type R or the I’m-still-hanging-in-there Subaru WRX STI.

  5. Automobile :  trouver des voitures à essence à faible empreinte écologique | Écoutez l'Estrie

    William Clavey

    Quelques jours après la marche pour le climat, l'attrait pour les véhicules électriques augmente. Notre chroniqueur automobile William Clavey, discute des voitures à faible empreinte écologique.

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