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The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) is an association of professional journalists, writers, photographers and corporate entities whose focus is the automobile and the automotive industry. The majority of our journalist members test drive and report on new vehicles on an ongoing basis in various forms of media across the country.

An integral part of the association is our annual Canadian Car and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards program, designed to inform Canadians about which vehicles are best suited to Canada’s unique driving conditions.

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  1. Home on the Range Anxiety

  2. EcoRun Fuel Economy Challenge puts Manufacturer Ratings to the Test – WHEELS.ca

    EcoRun is gathering of Canadian journalists who set out to test a selection of the most fuel-efficient new cars for sale on the market. The goal is a simple one: drive a pre-planned route in a variety of eco-friendly cars and try to eke out the best efficiency from them.

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  1. Pedro Arrais review: Big new-car value in a small package

    Pedro Arrais

    I can’t believe Chevrolet still sells their 2019 Spark — a brand-new car — for under $10,000. You can’t buy much for $10,000 in a used car these days, so finding a new one for that price usually . . .

  2. TrackWorthy Cars at the 2019 Canadian International AutoShow – WHEELS.ca

    Michael Taylor

    There are many TrackWorthy cars on display at this year’s Canadian International AutoShow, which takes place from Friday February 15 to Sunday February 24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto. Check them out!

  3. Why You Need to Know About This Headline-Grabbing Electric Vehicle

    Paul Ferriss

    We got behind the wheel of the award-winning 2019 Jaguar I-Pace SUV to see what all the fuss was about

  4. 2019 Kia Sorento | Attractive and value-oriented crossover! | Review part 1/3

    Mathieu Thomassin

    The 2019 Kia Sorento is one of the most attractive and value-oriented crossovers you can get on in that segment! It's a mix of luxury and excellent ergonomic...

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