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Steven is a regular contributor to and former editor of Daily XY, an online magazine for guys from Canada's biggest cities. In 2013, he began contributing regular features to, though his auto writing has appeared in assorted other Canadian publications, ad hoc. He has attended the summer and winter sessions of BMW Advanced Driver Training, and Porsche's Camp4 winter driving training. His interests include running, skiing, making music and self-promoting in the third person. Oh, and driving.

Recent Articles:

  1. 400 Reasons to not assume a highway will ease Greater Toronto traffic

    Steven Bochenek

    Ontario is considering adding another major traffic corridor to relieve gridlock around the GTA—it won't work

  2. #WeTheCongested: What do the Raptors’ wins mean for Toronto traffic?

    Steven Bochenek

    Basketball fan planning on doing some celebrating downtown? You might want to have a set of transit plans in place

  3. Drivers Want: An enforced culture shift in GTA driving during Code Blue weather

    Steven Bochenek

    Seriously people, slow down.


  4. Disruptured: Just how well does Uber treat its ‘Partner’ drivers?

    Steven Bochenek

    The commercials make it seem so glamourous...


  5. Why more roads never was, still isn’t, and never will be a solution to gridlock

    Steven Bochenek

    More roads simply means congestion in more places.


  6. Driving to the Liquor Store, Part 4: 2019 Acura RDX Elite

    Steven Bochenek

    At 4743.6mm long and 1900 mm wide, the 2019 Acura RDX Elite is a big cat to drive to places like the liquor store in the middle of the city or now, as of the we

  7. Driving to the Liquor Store, Episode 3: 2019 Honda Civic Sport Coupe

    Steven Bochenek

    Welcome to the 3rdepisode of a series of car reviews for the rest of us. These tests aren’t performed and photographed from empty and envy-invoking views in t

  8. Driving to the Liquor Store, Episode 2: the 2018 Jaguar XE AWD S

    Steven Bochenek

    Welcome to another in what could easily be a lifelong series of short, sober road tests. Most cars spend 95% of their lives parked and the remaining 5% aren’t

  9. Driving to the Liquor Store, Episode 1: the 2019 Subaru Forester Premier

    Steven Bochenek

    Prologue: Welcome to the first in what could easily be a lifelong series of short, sober road tests. Why? Perspective. Did you know most cars spend just 95% of

  10. Toronto traffic report: You’re going nowhere this summer!

    Steven Bochenek

    The city's planning to spending more than a billion in construction this season, all but guaranteeing a summer stuck in gridlock

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