The AJAC EcoRun

The EcoRun is an annual AJAC event that shows off a variety of eco-friendly vehicles, which include pure electrics, plug-in and conventional hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, diesel-fuelled powertrains and highly-efficient gasoline options.

The purpose of the EcoRun is to help inform consumers of these alternative options, as well as providing accurate road testing fuel economy numbers. There's no limit to the size of vehicle showcased, as they range from subcompacts to pickup trucks.

These new vehicles are driven on real-world road conditions in order to fully test for fuel efficiency and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

EcoRun Videos

EcoRun Articles

  1. ANC Podcast: June 23, 2023 | How B.C. is increasing EV uptake and meeting power demand

    Tim Dimopoulos

    Kees Jansen, director of EV service delivery at BC Hydro, explains how the utility is encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles through charging incentives. He also explains how the province and utility are meeting demand and making it easier to charge in condos and while travelling.

  2. Top 5 most efficient EVs and gas-powered vehicles at AJAC EcoRun

    Andrew McCredie


  3. Modern Motoring - Grading Canada's eco-minded vehicles for 2023 — Modern Mississauga Media

    Matthew Guy

    For efficiency and economy, these vehicles earn full marks.


  4. What You Need to Know About Electrified Off-Roading

    Matthew Guy

    Besides being better for the environment, electric powertrains can open up new sensations for off-roaders.

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